USOBA Renounces Fingo Group. Warns Consumers.

Recently I’ve written a couple of stories about the Fingo Group and in their contracts it says for consumers with issues to contact USOBA if they have any complaints or issues.

Jenna Keehen from USOBA has just released a statement that makes it clear USOBA has no relationship with the Fingo Group.

USOBA does not have any record of a company by the name of Fingo Group having ever been a member. It is unfortunate that unsrupulous companies will make false claims in order to entice consumers. If you are contacted by any consumers that need clarification on the matter please do not hesitate to send them our way. Thanks, again, for bringing this to our attention and making the general public aware of it.

It is vitally important that consumers verify ALL affiliation or membership claims made by companies they are looking to do business with, not just debt relief agencies. Memberships, accreditations, audits, etc. are easy to claim on paper and websites and logos are extrememly easy to steal.

Consumer that need to reach USOBA, can do so here.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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