The New Diamond Embedded MasterCard. Really!

It is still a bit of a buzz but it is worth mentioning. Apparently Kazkommertsbank in Kazakhstan is getting ready to roll out a MasterCard with a diamond embedded in it with gold trim on the card. Last November I wrote a story about the manufacturer of the card if you want to know more about how they are made.

That’s one card you’d hate to lose, or maybe even swipe.

“Hey, where did the waiter go with my card?”

The annual fee will be $1,000 with only a dinky little $50,000 limit. The bank plans to issue ONLY 1,000 of these cards and is targeting the growing number of millionaires in uranium rich Kazakhstan.

But if you are worried about your new diamond MasterCard not being special enough, then you need to dive up in your Lotus, encrusted with 164 diamonds. But it’s a fast car so be sure to wear your diamond encrusted Grand Prix racing helmet, just like Vodafone McLaren Mercedes drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Heikki Kovalainen have raced in.

But really, that’s just silly, thinking that you’d race around in your diamond encrusted Lotus, isn’t it. Instead, how about just making sure you are using your Motorola diamond and gold Bluetooth headset. It’s only $17,000 but the worst part is, it’s ugly.

But what would a diamond Bluetooth headset even be doing, hooking up with an ordinary Bluetooth phone. Tacky! Instead you need the gold and diamond encrusted iPhone case. At only $20,000 you could get the headset and phone case and not even max out your new diamond MasterCard.

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