I Left Dubai in Debt, Went to India and Now Live in Australia. – Iram

“Dear Steve,

I am an Indian citizen presently permanent resident in Australia. I visit india every 2-3 years. i was working in Dubai UAE from March 2003 till June 2005. In 2005 i cancelled my visa and left dubai for good. before leaving dubai….. i had credit cards from RAK bank and HSBC bank i admit I made some good purchases with these cards. I came back to india , got married and forgot abt all this.

After marraige I left for Australia and have been living here since. my parents got some initial calls from some ppl (representatives of these banks ) in india in initial years … say 2005-2006. but after that nothing. I never got any mails or statements from these banks in all these years. Until recently (4 months back) I got a mail on my email address from a debt collecting agency in india regarding this payment to which i replied and got no response. Now from last 2 days my relatives (in laws who were not existing at the time of taking credit card o r leaving Dubai ) are getting calls from some people who are acting on behalf of RAK bank asking for my whereabouts . they are using harsh words and warning them of dire consequences if they dont give my where abouts and also telling them that I will get arrested while I land on Indian soil.

My question to you is that Its been 7 years since I left Dubai and how is it that they are contacting me now that too through a collecting agency in India. How did they got those contacts that were not even existing at that time and I have hardly lived at those addresses except for a few days every year with no official activity (just holidaying). Is it possible that I have a police case IN INDIA and I might get arrested upon arrival. I visited india just one and a half year back and at that time nothing happened. I dont even remember how much was the credit amount as I never received a bill from them…. so is it possible that the amount may have multiplied by many thousands. How can I get rid of this. I am so sad. plz reply as soon as possible and email me when it is done. Many thanks and a BIG HUG

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Dear Iram,

I’ve not heard of a police case being opened in India as a result of debt in Dubai. It sounds to me as if it is just an aggressive debt collector in India that is making up stories to intimidate you.

To be safe though, I’d suggest you ask your family back home for the name of an attorney or solicitor there you can contact and ask your questions to about checking for an open police case in India. I doubt they will find one.

Of course resolving the underlying debt with the Dubai banks is always an option.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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3 thoughts on “I Left Dubai in Debt, Went to India and Now Live in Australia. – Iram”

  1. Hello Steve,

    Your site is so helpful if only there were many people like you to assist without a charge. I have a case with HSBC Dubai as I used to have an account with them, I left DUB AI and went to Saudi Arabia with a loan and a credit card balance which I agreed with the bank that I will settle from Saudi and Bank approved. Started transferring from my bank in Saudi monthly Outstanding orders and for a year and a half I did not get any statements from them, I emailed and talked to my account manager who never got back to me with anything (useless) so after 3 months of no reply I have emailed and faxed the bank saying that I will stop payments till I get a statement.

    No reply offcourse, few month after that I was in DUB AI on a business trip and on my way leaving DUB AI I was stopped at the airport by immigration police and took for 1 night to prison in order to go on the 2nd day and get a release from the banks lawyer which I did but on arrival the lawyer said I need to pay the full amount again and then request my money that I have spent a year and half paying through a law agency.

    After that I started asking and all agencies requested fees which were above the total amount I had paid !!!!!

    Now yesterday I get a copy of a new statement from HSBC in regards to the same loan and credit card requesting me to pay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think they have so much theft in that bank to a point they want me to pay again? I have a copy of the settlement with their lawyer with me and would like to sue there bummm what do you suggest I do …

    Thank you


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