World Law Debt Contacted Me and Their Legal Fees Are Huge. – Joe

“Dear Steve,

I am really at the end of my wit at this point. I have had creditors and debt collection companies call and harass me for months on end and recently the phone calls died down. My fear now is that I am being, or will be, legally served with papers… which I wish to avoid. My wife and I are in 85k of unsecured (credit card) debt. I have been contacted by a legal firm called World Law Debt (or World Law Direct) and they proposed a monthly payment program which I can afford, however, 32k is allotted to be given to creditors and 17k (17k!) is for their own legal fees.

I don’t know what to do. I know I do NOT want to be sued. I know I do not want to contact the creditors myself, as I am scared and do not have the emotional strength to explain my situation and why I could not pay them myself month to month. Discover sent me a letter saying tomorrow (11/30) is the last day before they take legal action against me… I am just frightened. I went through your website and you seem to have the most informative website out there regarding settling debt. Bankruptcy is out of the question and I CAN afford large monthly payments. What would you advise me to do? Whom should I contact? Are there programs/firms like World Law Direct that are better? I know I am seeking a magical solution… I just don’t want to have an unfortunate outcome as presented in your “How To Get Out Of Debt” flowchart.

Please help.

Thank you,

P.S. If there are any coaches or information you have for me, please send. I need to do this before 11/30 to avoid being sued by Discover. Thank you. My wife and I have 7-9 creditors/credit card companies we borrowed almost 85k from.”

Dear Joe,

The tools to deal with intervening with your creditors are pretty basic. You can use the free How to Get Out of Debt Calculator to review your options.

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A debt settlement approach will NOT prevent you from being sued. However, if you have cash on hand to settle quickly it might be able to be avoided.

The fees you stated seem tremendously high. There are other no advanced fee debt settlement companies companies around that have lower fees. And then there are DIY debt settlement outfits like Consumer Recovery Network or ZipDebt.com.

But I am concerned that bankruptcy is off the table for you. It is the only legal option that can stop and prevent suits. You owe it to yourself to at least talk to a local bankruptcy attorney and understand what it offers you in the way of protection. Only then can you make a good and wise educated decision about what is best for you moving forward.

But since you can afford large monthly payments the best approach may be a credit counseling debt management program. Your payments will be about the same as your minimum payments due but nearly all creditors work with credit counseling groups. When successfully on a debt management plan, creditors generally will not pursue legal action. My concern is that this process has gone on for an apparent long time and you’d need to check with the credit counseling group you select to see if they have enough time to act.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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1 thought on “World Law Debt Contacted Me and Their Legal Fees Are Huge. – Joe”

  1. They
    tell you how the program works, start by paying back the smaller
    creditors and work up to the highest creditor. We stuck with the program
    for (6) months. No creditor ever got paid. The only people that got
    paid where World Law Debt. The program (we found out the longer we were
    in the program) wants your credit account to be written off and sold to a
    third party for pennies on the account. World Law Debt isn’t able to
    negotiate with the creditor, they want to negotiate with the third party
    that purchased your bad account.

    As far as getting reduced payments from the creditor, the creditor tries
    to work this out with their customer directly(us). Basically there is
    no need for WLD. They collected their fees and our creditors never
    received a dime in the (6) months we were in the program.

    The only thing that got accomplished was that we were now further in debt between the late fees and monthly charges.


    Also, we were receiving upwards of (20) collection phone calls a day.



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