My Mother May Have Opened a Credit Card in My Name. – Paige

“Dear Steve,

I’m only twenty years old. I have had one loan with a secure agency.

My mother has awful money problems and has went as far as filing my taxes and not telling me to get my money.

With that being said I have gotten two phone calls this month from two different numbers talking about a credit card. The first one was November 7th From (973)409-3326. It said press one for more information I was busy when I answered the phone so I missed most of what it said

When I pressed one and I was on hold for 30 minutes! I hung up and ignored it thinking it was a prank or something. Well today I got another phone call from (360)529-6105. It was an automated one like the last. This time it said we have sent plenty notices to your residence (my mother’s house) this is your last notice never said what kind of notice. Then it said press one to speak with our freindly customer service. I did and it ask for a password then press pound I hit pound. The third time I hit it they hung up! When I call back it’s a dead line

What do I do!!?! I wouldn’t put it past my mother to have a card in my name.


Dear Paige,

I would not be surprised if that happened.

In cases like this I recommend getting a consolidated credit report, ASAP. The consolidated report lists all three credit bureaus on one report and since each credit bureau may not report the same information you need to look at all three.

If you have an account in collections is will most likely be reported on at least one of the credit reports. More importantly you need to look to see if you have accounts opened that you don’t recognize. Get the consolidated credit report, look it over, and let me know what you find, in the comments below.

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