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What Happens to My Credit if I Make a Partial Car Payment? – Nicole

“Dear Steve,

Just a curious consumer. I have paid partial payments on a car loan and I wondered what will reflect on my credit report.

If I paid a partial payment on my loan can the loan company still report me as late on my credit report?also I was wondering if hypathetically I was say 28 days late on a payment but not 30 days would the loan company still be able to report that on experian as over 30 days late? Thanks so much for all u r doing


Dear Nicole,

Yes. Your payment will either meet the contractually expect amount and keep your account current or be less than expected and thus your account will fall past due and be delinquent if it is recorded as received past the due date grace period.

You will have to refer to the statement or contract to see what your grace period is. It may be as short as 15 days.

If you make your payment late but before the grace period expires and they receive it and credit it to your account before the grace period expires, typically you will be charged a late fee and additional interest but it will not be reported as late on your credit report.

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