And No, Steve Rhode is Not a Rapist & Kidnapper

It was recently brought to my attention that in August, 2011 someone posted a despicable report about me on Ripoff Report and Complaints Board.

While I agree that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and on this site commenters are allowed a wide bit of latitude in discussing topics, the published claim that I am a rapist, molester, or a kidnapper are entirely false.

The published statement was:

Steve Rhode – GetOutOfDebt.org @getoutofdebtguy Rapist & Kidnapper Internet

I met this guy when he came to my house to help my parents “get out of debt”, he obviously wasn’t there for money. Why is he helping people?? Because he’s part of a prostitution ring that funnels young girls through Mexico and into European countries to sell to rich men.

Brief incidents of child sexual abuse (molestation, rape or incest) can take many forms. Some have great impact on the victim and others have little effect. Many children, both boys and girls, are victimized in these ways. Here are some of their stories.

Sexual abuse (molestation or rape) often takes place in the context of a continuing relationship. It may go on for a long time before anyone finds out. The boy or girl victim often knows, likes and trusts the abuser. Parents are usually very surprised when they find out what has been happening. Parents usually think of a child molester or a child rapist as a dangerous stranger, not as someone who might be a relative, neighbor or family friend.

Stephanie W. – Source, Source

Since I don’t charge people to help them or visit their homes there is obviously not even a foundation of truth to this statement.

It’s clear that rather than deal with the substance of something I have written or exposed, the effort of this person is to attempt to personally discredit me. I get that. It comes with the territory of trying to stand up and fight for people. Ironically when things like this happen it just makes me even more committed to try to protect consumers from bad debt relief situations and people like this.

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Since RipoffReport appears to not allow the posting of rebuttal messages, I just needed a place to publicly say, it’s crap.

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