Kramer, Stein Mass Joinder / Mass Tort Updates for Those Involved

The Receiver in the Mass Joinder legal proceeding in California against lawyers that had marketed Mass Joinder suits against mortgage lenders has released an update.

December 1, 2011

The State Bar of California has taken possession of the law practices of Kramer and Kaslow, Mitchell J. Stein, Christopher Van Son, Paul Peterson (Mesa Law Group), and Anthony Kassas (Kassas Law Group).

For information as to the handling of your case going forward, you need to contact the State Bar at one of the numbers below:

Law Offices of Kramer and Kaslow: 213-765-1672

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Mitchell J. Stein & Associates: 213-765-1639

Law Offices of Christopher Van Son: 213-765-1658

Paul W. Petersen: 213-765-1641 – The Petersen number provides information on Petersen and the number for Kassas because Kassas was using lines that had been provided to Petersen by the carrier.

Law Offices of Anthony J. Kassas: 213-765-1637

After receiving Orders on October 3, 2011 and October 25, 2011 which authorized the shut down of the Defendants’ facilities and liquidation of the furniture and equipment on site, the Receiver commenced that process and has been working through the issues with each individual landlord and orchestrating the best possible liquidation of the furniture and equipment. Unfortunately, in the current economy, the current market for used office furniture and equipment is saturated and we do not anticipate that the recovery from this liquidation process will be substantial. But, we are proceeding as prudently as possible to maximize the net return. We hope to complete this process by mid-December.

The Receiver is also reviewing all activities of the Non-Attorney Defendants and affiliates that worked with them to determine what additional remedies may be available that would provide a fund that might be available for mass joinder clients. – Source

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