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My Health Insurance Went Up and I Don’t Make Enough Money. – Diane

“Dear Steve,

I had to make a job change do to health. But when I took this job my Insurance for my health went up 300.00 dollars a month.

I dont make enough for the ends to meet, so now I owe my bank over draft fees I am unable to keep up with. Help me please.


Dear Diane,

The only way you make this work is by getting your expenses to be less than your income. The possibilities are to increase your income, reduce your expenses or a combination of the both.

What expenses do you have on a monthly basis. Can you post them in the comments for me below?

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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  • Steve,  What i pay monthly House 400.00 Insurance for car 35.00 health 300. 00 House ins.40.00 Then medical bills 50.00 credit cards 155.00 utilities 200.00 TV. 35.00 Phone 45.00 internet 45.00 groceries 400.00 a month  also medications 25.00 my bring home pay is about 1400. a month. Oh also i have a loan at the bank for 80.00 a month and overdraft charges of 250. and counting this month. I do not want to chg jobs I looked a long time for this one and feel God put me in this job its a perfect fit for me as I have fibromyalgia and now work as a receptionist 3 miles from home. Before I worked as a nursing assist I have thought about another job but I am 57 years old and I just don’t know if I could do it. Please help me. Thank you Diane 

    • Diane, The expenses you gave me come to $2,060 and that doesn’t even include cash or pocket change you may spend each month. Also it does not include any amount or ability to save money each month.

      It looks like you are about $700 short each month and this problem has been ongoing. I think the health insurance issue has pushed you over the edge but is not the cause of the problem.

      You are probably eligible for public benefits, including possibly Medicaid for health coverage. I’d suggest you use the Benefits Finder to see what you are eligible for. Any public benefits you may receive will help to close this gap.

      We need to do something because we simply can’t squeeze $2,060 out of a $1,400 rock.

      Solutions like bankruptcy may help since it would eliminate $485 a month but even that’s still not enough to make ends meet. But if you are eligible for Medicaid and we combine that with the other reductions, that might do the trick.

      Run through the Benefits Finder and let’s see what you may be eligible for.

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