Private Student Loan Lender Says They Are Going to Garnish My Social Security Check. – Kitty

“Dear Steve,

Husband died, co-signed final “private loan” for daughter. She graduated as a teacher 12-2008, lost my job, she got a part time tutoring job…….. 100,000.00 in students loans and hates me for pushing her to finish college. she can not find a teaching job anywhere! so student I co-signed wants me to pay now. I am an unemployed widow and they are now threatening no garnish my SS check for the rest of my life. This can’t be legal


Dear Kitty,

Social security benefits can certainly be garnished if this was a government backed loan. But in your case you are saying this was a private loan. The only way I am aware they could go for a garnishment would be if they sued you but then your social security income would most likely be protected anyway.

Before you spend one more day panicking or worrying I’d suggest you contact a consumer attorney in your state and discuss the matter with them. They should not charge you much, if any, but will be better able to specifically answer your question. You can find a consumer attorney at

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