Tax Defense Network – Consumer Complaint – 12-5-2011

Date This Problem Happened: September 13, 2011

State You Live in: Minnesota

Race/Ethnicity: Alaska Native

Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $3,000

Company Name: Tax Defense Network

Company Address:

13901 Sutton Park Drive South
Suite 220
Jacksonville, FL 32224

Company Telephone Number: 888-248-9058

Website of Company: TaxDefenseNetwork.com

Consumer Statement:

In Sept 2011 I contacted the Tax Defense Network to help settle a problem with the IRS. They said they could get me into a “currently not collectible” status or get an affordable payment agreement with the IRS(they even said based on my income and expenses-it would be around $25.00/mo). I have gotten nothing but the run around from this company and since starting this process there has been a garnishment of wages, leaving a total of 180.00 a week to live on. Last week they phoned with a message of “good news”..their good news is that the IRS is expecting a payment agreement of 125.00 PER WEEK(I did not enter into any payment arrangement or sign any IRS form). They claim their “lawyers” have talked to the IRS revenue officer. They delayed in filing the income tax returns. They’ve advised me to get a “fake lease” made up(because the agreement for the rent is a barter situation so there is no pro of of payment for rent). They refuse to give me anything in writing and will only converse on the phone. I’ve asked that they provide me with the information the IRS sent back for living expenses-they refuse to provide us with that information. The case has been passed from person to person and they are dragging it out in order to collect their $9000.00 fee.

Because of THEIR delays in processing the paperwork and contacting the IRS-I have been put in a financial hardship and I could have gotten that payment plan MYSELF. When I initially contacted them, I explained that time was of the essence because I needed to give information to the revenue officer within a few days. They said they would file the POA and would be able to talk to the agent in a couple of days. I asked if I should contact the revenue officer and ask for an extension to get the information. The told me no, they would take care of it all. Now the revenue officer is mad and thinking I’m trying to avoid resolving the tax issue-which was not my intention. I was only trying to get a fair representation. When I initially spoke with them, they put the fear in me that if I didn’t get representation, that the IRS would take everything I had.

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Last week I asked them if I could file something with the tax advocate service or file an appeal. They said no, the officer can do whatever she wants and now this is the way it is. Please help

Consumer Action Taken:

Continuous communication and contacting their “gold star customer service”.


The Myvesta Foundation sent a letter to the company at the address given or found and asked them to publicly respond to this complaint.

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  1. After discussing the problem with TDN’s(Tax Defense Network) Gold Star Client Care, we have come to satisfactory agreement to resolve this issue. I am pleased with their timely response and dedication to resolve any problem that may have existed.


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