Direct Buy – Consumer Complaint – 12-7-2011

Date This Problem Happened: June 10, 2011

State You Live in: Texas

Race/Ethnicity: Hispanic or Latino

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $180

Company Name: Direct Buy

Company Address:

803 Sunland Park Drive
El Paso, Texas 79912

Company Telephone Number: 915-231-5200

Website of Company: DirectBuy.com

Consumer Statement:

I became a member of Direct Buy on june 2011 in the el paso texas area (sunland park area to be exact). My member number is 1605747 and my account number is 3566160574736. This deal is a total rip off. After i did the site visit i was asked if i was interested in becoming a member and i told them i had to think about it, but they said that it was now or never and that if declined i was not able to step into their locations for seven years. I feel i was pressured into this since i was not able to go home and think about it. I have but used once their products. I pay 173.52 monthly with a balance of 4269.58 as of today’s date. I have gone into their website and try to shop but it’s just too expensive plus paying the monthly fee on the side. Everything you buy there needs to be paid upfront and i dont have that type of money. I have a child going to college soon, her car plus insurance im really on a financial dilemma and my incom e is the only coming into my household with being a single parent. I do not want to ignore this, it is really easy for me just not pay and have delinquency on my credit but i do not want to do that. Ive exhausted my resources and this complaint is the outcome of this. I need my credit to be good for me to survive in corporate america. Please help, all i ask is to be refunded all the money i have paid and for account to be cancelled without affecting my credit, but if the refund is not possible then just the cancellation of my account. Thank you for your time.

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Consumer Action Taken:

I called the company directly and asked if i could have my account cancelled and they said that it was not possible that ultimately i was responsible for my debt. I called the BETA Finance and they told me the same, that they could only extend my payments and that anything i did not pay out of my monthly payments i was going to be delinquent.


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  1. directv never deliver what they offer stating that it only apply to new customers. i got news for directv, im cancelling and choosing DISHTV. SAY GOOD BYE TO AN OLD CUSTOMER.


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