Give Your Company a Great Gift This Holiday Season: Review Your Contract

Readers may forget that not only do I write about the debt relief industry, but I used to run a debt relief group at one time. I familiar with the tremendous issues that come with helping people deal with debt.

Just yesterday I published this article and it was a great example of an issue that many debt relief companies forget about, contract creep.

Contracts are meant to be the meeting of the minds between you and your customer. An overly complex or convoluted contract can stand between you and your customers and kill the deal. But it doesn’t need to if you are smart about it.

It’s a good idea to fight to keep your contracts as short and simple to read as possible. But contracts grow over time because of the the “one person” rule. In this case one person had one issue and all of a sudden it’s added into the contract for everyone. Why? When you stick it in your contract becomes longer and longer and that discourages more people than it helps.

The ClearOne Advantage contract I reviewed in this article was a total of 20 pages. Many of those pages contained the same or similar warnings and disclaimers over and over again. It’s not necessary and will prevent more from using the service than completing the agreement in a well informed and aware manner.

The longer and more complicated you make the agreements the less the client will understand. And you want them to understand the agreement so that later, fewer issues arise when they don’t remember that on page four in section 2(b) you said [x].

When I had my attorneys review a client agreement I specifically asked them to make sure the agreement was written in plain language to remove any unnecessary legalize.

The more you think about your contract as a document you actually want your potential clients to understand, the more effective it will be when it comes time to ask the consumer to sign it and come on board.

So during this soon to be slow holiday period, set aside a morning to review your client documents for simplicity, clarity, ease of understanding, and remove the “one person” sections that are just unnecessary for all.

Bottom line, doing this will help you to enroll more clients.


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