If a Creditor Sues You For a Debt, Show Up or Risk an Arrest Warrant and Jail

It’s getting more attention these days, the concept that debtors prison is resurfacing. And while that’s not exactly true, you can’t be thrown into prison for debt.

But there is more coverage about debtors that are being arrested and taken to jail. Mostly just for processing but some are sitting behind bars as they wait to be bailed out.

The issue actually isn’t that a debt is owed, but that the debtor failing to show up for court when required after a judgment has been awarded to the creditor.

In the past if a debtor did not show up they just simply lost the case. Well today, some creditors are leveraging the power of the court to scare people into paying by issuing arrest warrants for those missed court appearances.

Today, National Public Radio ran a story about this disturbing trend of threatening people with arrest warrants.

You can listen to the NPR story below.

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