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“Dear Steve,

My boyfriend and I live in an apartment together which my aunt paid a year for in advance to the complex and have been paying her back monthly at regular price since we were forced out of my parents’ house. Well it’s time for us to move out of our apartment now but there’s a problem… When we signed our lease, the apartment complex failed to tell us and that we have to pay the prorated cost for the extra days of the month we were in the apartment when we first moved in. Because of that, it wasn’t calculated into the total and I can’t ask my aunt for help.

On top of that, my electricity bill is an extra $100 because of some ridiculous fees that they just started charging us. On top of THAT we have to pay the pro rate for our new apartment which is around $300. Altogether our bills are up around $800+ and neither one of us can make that much by the time the bills are due. It’s not an enormous amount of debt like what you’re probably used to, but I can’t think of anything to do other than open a credit card and try to postpone the bills a little longer!

So what do I do? Should I open up a credit card and pay cash for the things I can and credit everything else? What should I put on credit? I’m so spun around, I don’t even know what to do!


Oh Parker,


There is no easy answer for this. Even if you got credit, which there is no guarantee you will with what sounds like no credit history, I don’t even know if your creditors would take the card.

If they didn’t and you could take a cash advance from the card it’s going to be at a huge rate and cost.

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Apparently you are living month-to-month without any extra cash to your name. The only outlet I’m aware of that will lend you short term money is a payday loan outfit, or maybe a local credit union if you already have a relationship with them.

Any chance of you or your boyfriend landing a second job during the holidays or do you need the extra cash immediately?

Alternatively you could ask your current apartment if you could pay it off over time. But that might impact your Aunt. You owe it to her to explain the situation since she was involved in that transaction.

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