Pennsylvania Reader Sends in New Form H-118 From New York

The Form H-118 is very similar to the Form 1012-R mailings that have been sent to consumer all across the country. They are deceptive in that they attempt to portray themselves as official mailers or government forms. Mailers similar to this have been slammed in mass joinder legal actions in California and the subject of numerous warnings.

A reader just sent in a Form H-118 mailing they just received in Pennsylvania. What struck me about the mailing was the address it was from:

Litigation Settlement Department
New York, NY 10010

Seriously? That’s not even a real address.

The form seems designed to push recipients to call 877-454-7503 to be sold into a mass joinder or similar litigation. In this case an alleged case against NVR Mortgage Finance.

If anyone receives such a mailer, act prudently, get a second opinion from a local real estate attorney licensed in your state before paying a marketer.

Here is the form the reader received.

The fine print on the bottom contains some very enlightening information.

This is an advertisement. We do not guarantee any specific results, as results will vary from case to case. We are not a government agency and we are not affiliated with any government agency. We do not offer legal advice. We only offer securitization reports. We are not a law firm.

So the mailer fine print says they are not a law firm and don’t offer legal advice yet in much larger print the form says the recipient is a joined plaintiff in a legal matter and this is a litigation notification.


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