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What is Your Opinion of Global Client Solutions? – Eileen


“Dear Steve,

I owe $50,000 on credit cards

What is your opinion of Global Client Solutions? GCS claims they can help I have read several rip-off or complaints about them. Can we settle these credit card debts on our own? If so, how?

Thank you,


Dear Eileen,

I think they probably do a good job as an escrow company, but they are not a debt settlement company.

Some companies use them as their escrow service provider, just as others use NoteWorld. These are third-party companies that hold and disburse your money when you are in a debt settlement program. Global Client Solutions does not negotiate with creditors.

It is entirely possible to settle your own debt and there are people out there that can guide you along and teach you how to do this. Check out Damon Day, Consumer Recovery Network, and Zip Debt.

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Big Hug!
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