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Reader Wants to Know More About Gordon and Associates Loan Modification Services

A reader wrote to me wanting to know more about a company in California called Gordon and Associates.

They said, “I am surprised that you don’t have this company’s info or I couldn’t find it.”

Attached to the email the reader sent in a copy of the recent BBB listing for Gordon and Associates. I just ran it again to make sure I had the most current listing. – Source

What either perplexed or concerned the reader was the alternate business names associated with Gordon & Associates. The BBB states the company is alternatively known as:

  • Gordon and Associates
  • Relief Council
  • National Legal Source
  • The Gordon Law Firm
  • Gordon Law Firm

And the BBB states they operate under these alternate websites:


The following documents were attached as well.

If anyone has had experience with this firm and would like to share their feedback, please post it in the comments below.


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