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I Have Salie Mae Loans That I Need to Stop From Defaulting. – Kristen

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I have about 48,000 dollars in student loans from Sallie Mae. I tried a bit ago to lower my payments or get some sort of relief from them–to no avail. Of course I began missing payments, so it’s been a year and now they are attempting to default and garnish my wages (I just got the call about an hour ago). I know that this will ultimately lower my payments (albeit against my will) but I hate that this has to happen to my credit. They were no help at all to me. My father passed away about 7 years ago, a year after I started college. My mother broke her foot a few years back and cannot work. I only have my sister and my grandmother and neither of them are in a position to help me financially. Essentially, I am on my own with this and I feel gipped. I have literally 5 classes left before I graduate college, after spending 8 years trying to get my Bachelor’s, working full time all the way through, this is what I get for it. I was also t rying to get a nursing certification once my last semester was up, but now I am not even sure I can get any more financial aid because of this default.

Will I still be able to stop the default in any way? If they default me, am I still able to get federal loans from anyone?

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