I’m Bipolar and Lost My Job. – Suzette

I lost my job last year in September. I was admitted to a Pchyiatric Hospital. I am Bipolar and suffer fom Epilepsy. I am really trying to find work.

owe monies to various Creditors including Standard Bank (five various accounts). Seeing that I am unable to make the payments they are demanding. I have offered to pay R120.00 every month but the still say it is unacceptable and they will hand me over for legal and I will be Blacklisted. If you are Blacklisted, when Recruitment Agencies phone ITC, your Job application is not taken into account.

My question to you is:
Can Standard Bank and my other creditors NOT accept the minimum payment due to my situation?
How do I find out who has blacklisted me.

I am desperate and don’t know what to do, please reply as soon as you can so that I know how to resolve this. I need to try resolve this as soon as posible. Please advise me what to do.

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