When Will My Defaulted Gym Membership Fall Off My Credit Report? – Sherri

a gym membership that was for stopped

The amount is posted to my credit report each month with and added two dollars. It looks like a new debt but is the same one. I had a death in the family and stopped the membership after paying for a year. They say a two year contract would have to be paid off. I did not realized it was a two year contract. Now I am stuck with the debt.

How do I get them to stop posting a new debt each month?

At seven years do all the posts go away? How can they post the same debt over and over? Can they do this?


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  1. Hi Sherry,

    Negative items remain on your credit report for 7.5 years from the date of last activity (DOLA). What was the date you last paid?

    The information you provided suggests that the account is updating each month with a new balance that is increased by 2 dollars. Is the account also being updated each month with a new date of last activity? If so, you will need to dispute the recency of the DOLA as inaccurate.

    This negative item can indeed be updated each month.

    Have you reviewed the original contract and found the reference to your having signed on for a 2 year contract?

    Has this debt been placed with a collection firm? Is the collection firm who is reporting?

    Can you access the money needed to pay this off? Can you come up with a partial payment in order to negotiate a reduce balance pay off?


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