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Pilot With American Express Debt Needs Help and Debt Advice. – Tony

Consumer Complaint Submission
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Around February 2011, I started flight school, which to my surprise was much more expensive than I had ever imagined. Anyway, I needed to buy headsets, and a large number of other pilot supplies, which in total came out to around $3,000 and I put them all on my American Express card, I did have the money to pay them off, but I took a risk, seeing as how I only had $3,500 in the bank. One week later, my cousin passed away and my Aunt and Uncle needed help to pay for the funeral, so I offered whatever money I had to them. When bill time came around, I did not have the money to pay American Express, I did not have a job at the time because I was a full time student, it’s 4 months later and I have completed school and I’m only recently starting to look for work.

American Express has charged over $500 in late charges and is now threatening to contact a local attorney and sue me, if I do not pay. They call at least 15 times a day using at least 8 different numbers, I’ve tried working out a repayment plan, but they want at least $1,000 a week and I am unemployed there is no way I can make that payment. Is there anything I can do to get them to be more lenient, or to stop them from suing me? The total I owe now is $3,738, I’m only 19 years old with almost no assets and a small banking account, I’m just barely getting by with some temp work and would really like to avoid bankruptcy, but I know I dug a pretty deep hole here.

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  • Hi tony,

    Can you afford $100.00 a mo toward the AMEX debt?
    Who is currently contacting you on behalf of AMEX in order to collect on the debt?

    You can establish a payment plan even though some numb-nut is demanding 1k from you. You also may have to let this debt simmer for a bit until you get work and have a predictable income. Bankruptcy over 3700.000 should be out of the question for you right now.

    Please answer the above questions in the comment section and you will get some tips and feedback.

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