How Can I Get Out of Debt in Ireland? – Andrew

“Dear Jon,

No assets, rented room, €100k debt, no work, income. Dealing with childhood issues at last – no energy .Can you advise on getting out of debt in ireland? Thank you for your caring

Can you advise on getting out of debt in ireland?



It does sound as though your plate is full at the moment, and while dealing with the debt issues does need to be handled, it may come secondary to other things you may be dealing with.

If you are in the Republic of Ireland, getting out of debt can be difficult. You could go bankrupt, but bankruptcy in ROI is antiquated, long and just not nice. That does not mean it is not an option and something to consider, but you need to research it fully, prior to entering into it.

If you are residing in northern Ireland, which is a part of the UK, I would suggest bankruptcy. Bankruptcy in the UK is fairly easy and painless compared to many other areas of the world.

Are your creditors chasing for payment? If not, then there may not be an immediate need to make a decision now, and you may be able to work on other matters. It doesn’t mean at some point the debt issue needs to be addressed, but possibly when you are in a better place to deal with it.

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