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American Web Loan – Consumer Complaint – 12-17-2011

Date This Problem Happened: September 1, 2011

State You Live in: North Carolina

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $1,080

Company Name: American Web Loan

Company Address:

Company Telephone Number:

Website of Company:

Consumer Statement:

I got a 600 dollar loan from american web loan. I had set up a bi-weekly payment. After 6 weeks they were still taking money from my account. When I called to see how much I owed I was informed that I still owed the whole $600.

Consumer Action Taken:

Was told to call customer service. I instead put a stop payment on them. But later they somehow worked around that and are still robbing me.

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About Consumer

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  • Bbonniebs

    My husband and I ended up paying $1500 in interest, on a $700 loan, before we realized that the loan amount was not going down.  These people take advantage of you with all their fast talke.  We were then able to pay it off in full and they charge another interest fee plus some other fees.  The final pay off amount was $946 plus the $1500 they had already taken.  When we wanted to pay it off, online. It was like an act of congress trying to pay it off.  You can’t pay it off anytime you want to, only when they say it’s OK.   What a scam.  Stay away from them!!!!!!!

    • ANON

      The above is written about American Web Loans!!!!!
      I would also like to add, “SHAME ON YOU MONTEL WILLIAMS FOR ENDORSING THIS SCAM!!!!!!!!

  • Romi

    I almost got a loan with this company today and even signed for it, and when i decided to check reviews this is what I got.  I called and had the loan cancelled but I did tell the guy to send  me an email saying so and i waited a couple of hours nd to no-avail.  So I called back and I spoke with another man an he did say it was cancelled but no notes o sending me an email.  This young man did send me and email of cancellation.  I’m still going to contact my bak and tell them not to except no funds from them just in case.  Thanks everyone one that has been gettig this company out there.

  • anonymous

    AmericanWebLoan used to operate as LoanPointUSA and both companies are owned by Mark Curry of Overland Park, KS. 6950 W 56th Street Mission, KS 66202 is the main operations buildings physical address. The phone number is (913) 825- 1200

  • Barbara Bartholomae

    Same here, except I’ve paid back $1620 on a $600 loan and will not pay anymore. They say I owe them $1140 and will continue trying to collect.

  • Xebecer

    These people are thieves.

  • Tilly2090

    I got a 600.00 loan from them as well was told could make the minimum payment if 180.00 every week and more if I wanted so of course I’ve been doing 180.00 bi- weekly to find out after I’ve payed 640.00 total I still owe the 600.00 apparently u have to pay 180.00 and additional cause the 180.00 is an extension fee and the additional money u add goes towards the 600.00……I should have read the fine print dam what a waste of money

    • Cparks1948

      Have the same problem I have already paid back the 400.00 plus another 200.00  and still they keep taking payments out of my account what can I do to stop this.  I feel I have paid back the loan plus some.  I live in Colorado and it seems that their practices go against all Colorado law for this

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