Should I Fire Legal Helpers Debt Resolution? – Lucy

I have been with Legal Helpers Debt Resolution since April 2010. As I’ve read from many others, they have faithfully accepted my monthly payments, via a Global Client Solutions account, but have not paid off anything. I was reading your steps to “fire” them, and I have a couple of questions please.

I see below where the questions would be available for the public. I hope you can make them generic enough so not to identify me.

Thanks in advance for your help.

1. I live in the state of South Carolina, and want to validate that these same steps will be effective and legal within my statea.

2. I tried to pull my credit reports from the big 3, and was only successful in pulling one, but on that one the credit cards that I had placed for resolution through LHDR are showing “charged off as bad debt”, “account closed by credit grantor”, and that it will remain on the report until 2017.

So, is this the same kind of entry as would show if I filed bankruptcy? If I “fire” LHDR, and these charges have been closed and charged off, how would I contact them to try and arrange settlement?

3. I now work for a financial institution and didn’t want to do this, but there were mitigating circumstances including my husband being out of work for almost a year. I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize my position

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4 thoughts on “Should I Fire Legal Helpers Debt Resolution? – Lucy”

  1. After Steve’s 1st Rally in Raleigh a bunch of performance based settlement companies agreed that a lot of consumers would be left stranded with no where to turn when LHDR or any other “attorney model” company imploded. 
    A few of us even agreed to step in and assist those consumers at a drastically reduced fee. It seems that day is approaching.  Active Debt Solutions stands by its commitment to assist any one affected by LHDR or any other Attorney Model Settlement Firm.  help@activedebt.com

  2. Fire them and fire them quickly.  I was going through a debt settlement program with them and they were horrible.  Their customer service was horrible and I always got to speak with some customer service rep that did not have a clue.  When I asked to speak with my account manager they were always out, or out to lunch.  I finally hired a lawyer and filed Chapter 13.  The lawyer I hired is awesome and has his stuff together.  Legal Helpers is a joke!!!!!!!!!  Check the BBB they have an “F” rating.  

  3. Hi Lucy,

    You can cease your relationship with LHDR at any time you choose. Being in SC does not effect your ability to follow the cancellation instructions in the contract you signed.
    The charge off items appearing on your credit would typically appear that way after 180days of nonpayment. Filing bankruptcy wont change the fact the accounts are be treated and reported as a loss by the credit card issuer. Filing chapter 7 will stay on your report for 10 years while filing chapter 13 bankruptcy will stay for 7 years.

    Contacting your creditors in order to negotiate a settlement can be done by dialing the bank toll free number on the card and entering your account through the automated system as you used to when you were using the cards. You will be connected to a representative who can help you by providing the contact information for the agency they have it assigned out to at this time, or by giving you contact details for who they sold the account to. You can engage in negotiations with whomever holds the accounts currently.

    Settling accounts on your own is not too difficult. The DIY approach should be the first effort you (or anyone) should put forth when settling debts. Seeking out a pro to handle the negotiations can be reserved for accounts you are unable to get settled. I do recommend you learn as much about the process as possible. Its not rocket science, but there is a science to the settlement process. I highly recommend the complete and affordable “Debt Settlement Success Seminar” published and available over at http://www.zipdebt.com

    Be sure to evaluate whether bankruptcy is a better option for you at this point prior to proceeding/continuing with the settlement approach.

    If you contact your creditors to locate who has your accounts and begin the process of contacting the collectors and have questions along the way, post updates and questions in the comment replies of this page.


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