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Can I Trust Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Center? – Vicki

Hi, My Husband and I are in our late 40’s. We have 2 kids in college, and we are in a LOT of debt, mostly credit cards. Never have missed any payments. Try to pay more than minimum (because we live on the credit cards alot). My husband has been laid off temporaily off and on this past year. Not sure how long his papermill job will last. I work in an office, no raise in 2 years. We have a house payment and 1 car payment. Things are getting scary.

I called a debt consolidation company (Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Center). And I am tempted to jump into consolidating my debt. I am scared and I don’t know if I can trust this company or any of them? Do you ever recommend debt consolidation companies?


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  • Murray1

    No.  That is complete sentence.  Legal Helpers has been very untrustworthy with me, stonewalling at every opportunity for them to act morally.

  • Al

    No!!! Do not trust them, please! I enrolled with them, and was then sued by 4 of my creditors, forcing me into bankruptcy. And they still kept my money (approximately $5K!). If you want to negotiate with your creditors, try yourself, you have nothing to lose, and some may be willing to work with you through reduced payments, etc. But please—stay away from LHDR!!

  • Michael

    Hi Vicki,

    Can you describe what you mean by “debt consolidation”? The term is typically used to describe taking out one loan to pay off many smaller loans and having only one payment at a lower interest rate. The term is also used to describe a debt management repayment plan offered through credit counseling associations.

    What is the plan being offered to you by LHDR?

    Have you looked into all of your debt relief options? You should look into and consult with legitimate service providers who can assist you with a debt management plan, debt settlement and bankruptcy. Once you have learned what you need to know about all of these options, you can asses your financial abilities and weigh that beside your short and mid term credit and financial goals. At that point you can make an informed decision about your next steps.

    I recommend you enter in your creditor information and balances using the debt relief calculator on this site found here:

    Look over the summary the calculator provides you. Use that math to determine what option represents the relief you need matched with timelines for your goals.

    I also recommend reading this article for some perspective on the cost of different debt relief options:

    Please post an update in a comment reply about what you determined from
    the calculator. At that point you will get some helpful tips and
    feedback and some suggestions for evaluating (if needed) companies you
    may seek to assist you in your efforts.

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