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I’m Disabled With a Previous Failed Attempt at Debt Consolidation. – Craig

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Credit card debt from school expenses, medical expenses and regular purchases…

Hi… I owe roughly $25,000 on 2 credit cards and have a school loan also being paid out on. I make ok money but I struggle to make extra payments towards the credit cards. One of the CCs is closed from a previous failed attempt at debt consolidation. My other CC is almost maxed out.

I have no decent long-term strategy and nothing has really worked… so being disabled in a wheelchair (but that doesnt stop me but can be a small hindrance in the job search/interviews) and not quite making enough surplus wages… what could I do to best effectively wipe out the $25k credit card debt??

If I can rid of the credit card debt, then I would breathe easier and be in a much better situation to save and build up savings.



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  • Hi Craig,

    If debt management did not/will not work, look into bankruptcy or settling with creditors for less than the balance owed.

    Can you post a comment reply and answer the following:
    Name of creditor
    Balance on each account
    Interest rate on each account
    What state you are in

    If you can post the detail you will get some tips and feedback in reply.

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