I’m Disabled With a Previous Failed Attempt at Debt Consolidation. – Craig

Credit card debt from school expenses, medical expenses and regular purchases…

Hi… I owe roughly $25,000 on 2 credit cards and have a school loan also being paid out on. I make ok money but I struggle to make extra payments towards the credit cards. One of the CCs is closed from a previous failed attempt at debt consolidation. My other CC is almost maxed out.

I have no decent long-term strategy and nothing has really worked… so being disabled in a wheelchair (but that doesnt stop me but can be a small hindrance in the job search/interviews) and not quite making enough surplus wages… what could I do to best effectively wipe out the $25k credit card debt??

If I can rid of the credit card debt, then I would breathe easier and be in a much better situation to save and build up savings.



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