Business is Slow. I Don’t Think I Can Keep Up With My Bills. – Jim

In credit card debt, business is slow.. Have made payments on time up till now, but its so slow at my work lately dont think i can keep up with the bills. I have over 100,000 in credit card debt all personal used for my business over the years.. now i realize its a problem.. My business has gotten so slow i can not even pay the rent… I have scraped everywhere i can to come up with money as fast as possible.

Want to know about PLAN B or similair company .. I have not seen an opinion from anyone that says they are a scam or not. I dont think i will be able to pay credit cards back in full unless i can settle at least 50%. I want some protections though. I dont want Bankruptch. I plan on paying back the portion of the settlement i can. . Plan B sounds like they offer something valuable however i dont know what they will end up charging.. Do you have any better ideas or a reputable company that can do Debt Settlements?


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