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Now That I’m on Social Security Disability Can I Stop Paying My Judgment? – Wendy

“Dear Steve,

Have been paying monthly credit card judgment for couple of years now, even though on long-term disability from work for most of that time. Recently, I was awarded Social Security Disability. My question is: Am I judgment proof now and can stop paying this credit card debt? Every penny is going to count. And if so, can I get a refund on the money I sent them every month while on disability from work?



Dear Wendy,

You should really check with an attorney licensed to practice law in your state. Since your income previously was from disability I’m not positive that should have been attached.

You present an interesting situation and you really need good local legal advice for determining how to stop this thing mid-stream.

While I’d love to help you with a definitive answer, this one is out of my area of expertise. But, I’d be most appreciative if when you do learn the answer you can come back here and educate us all.

Just goes to show you that no matter how long you’ve been involved in helping people, we all can still learn something new every day.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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