I am disabiled am I judgement proof – Jeff


I have worked every day of my life I am 48 every thing was going great till one day at work I fell 20 foot and messed up my low back I had been paying my credit cars on time and extra but when the accident happened I had surgery and I ended up in bad shape.I am totally disabled and now have medicare and SSD is my main income I do get another disability payment once a month for the union I belonged to. I did receive moneys from workers comp but that money is to be used for future need of my health. Now me and my wife have worked very hard and our home and cars are all paid for.But now I cant pay the credit card company they have all charged them off. i and my wife both own her car and my truck the car is worth about 5000.00 and the truck is worth about 4500.00 now the truck has my lift on the back for my power scooter that I need. My question is Am I judgement proof I live in IOWA so if one of them serve me with papers what documents do I need to take to the court house or would I need an attorney for this

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  1. Hi Jeff,

    Sorry to hear about all that has occurred.
    You say you are judgement proof, but please answer the following:
    Is your name on title for the home you own free and clear?
    Does your wife work?
    Are any of the debts in her name?

    If you are served with papers you should definitely speak with an attorney and find out what your options are. Unfortunately, your assets (things you hold in your name) can be found by aggressive collectors and attorneys through software they subscribe to which can make you a more likely target for court actions being filed in order to collect.


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