SaveMore.com Sucks. Doug Van Arsdale of Credit Solutions Fame Back in the News.

An tip just came in from a reader. Seems Doug Van Arsdale the CEO of Lending.com and CEO of Credit Solutions of America is back in the news.

The allegation is that Van Arsdale is the indirect owner of SaveMore.com, a Grouponesque spinoff that sells discounts and coupons, is not delivering coupons to consumers more funds to merchants.

A visit to the site annoyingly won’t let you enter without giving up your email address of Facebook ID.

Over on DailyDealMedia they have a detailed article about all of this. The article also contained a link to a new Facebook page SaveMore.com Sucks which includes posts from unhappy customers.

Critics on the SaveMore Sucks fan page paint a similar pattern of complaints with some harsh statements.

“They are scam artists. They banned me from posting on their site for trying to warn others. They buy time by telling those who complain to e-mail for a refund, or their item will be mailed in a few days or next week, etc.

Some of these people have been waiting for 2 months, and their credit cards have already been charged!

The scammers know that you have 60 days to dispute a credit card bill, and once the 60 days have passed, they are home free.

As for me, I cancelled 2 credit cards because a $9 charge was put through as $9, $19 and $19 and another a Subway gift card ($5 for a $10 card) was charged to me, but never received.

I reported them to the Texas Attorney Generals office and filed disputes with both credit cards. It’s not even the money, it’s these unscrupulous people cheating hundreds of people, some of whom cannot afford to lose the $5 or $10 they spent.

One woman posted that she bought a $10 CVS gift card for $5, was charged $5 twice, and the link to the voucher didn’t work! This woman was unemployed and was just trying to stretch a buck, or in this case, stretch $5 bucks to $10.

See also  SaveMore.com - Consumer Complaint - 12-21-2011

Their telephone is never answered, after listening to a recording over and over, you go to voicemail and your call is never received. I hope the Texas attorney general is bombarded with complaints and they are shut down!”

The consumer was later promised a refund.

Even SaveMore.com own Facebook page contains some rather unhappy comments as well.

If you happen to have problems with SaveMore.com taking your money, please file a consumer complaint here and we’ll contact the company for a response.


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6 thoughts on “SaveMore.com Sucks. Doug Van Arsdale of Credit Solutions Fame Back in the News.”

  1. know doug! he drives for uber now. smh..seemed nice and legit when we spoke. saying he was working for a roofing company now, really can’t trust people these days, didn’t know he was involved in shady dealings.

  2. I have been following several of your posts, since I first became weary of Savemore. A friend directed me to you, after doing some research on Savemore (read SCAMmore) when numerous complaints began rolling in. 

    As a blogger, I was promoting their website for several months. All was well in the beginning but it quickly took a turn for the crazy. I too was banned from their page, simply for asking where my missing items were (note: I’m STILL waiting on an order from August 6th 2011 – 4 1/2 months ago). I’ve personally been given every excuse under the sun, but my favorite is “it’s shipping next week”. By my math, a week is 7 days, not 4 1/2 months.

    Communication between their “company” and the consumers, is almost nonexistent. The only way to get a response, is to post on their Facebook page. Even then, it’s just a robotic response that solves nothing. Well, that’s not entirely true. There was a point where I (under my daughters Facebook account ) had a conversation with one of their Facebook admins. The admin was very evasive when I asked about the connection between Savemore, Doug Van Arsdale and OMV. At one point in the convo, I was accused of being malicious, just for wanting answers. This is of course, after the admin made several off the wall responses that lead me to believe they were either 11 years old, or bi-polar. The only thing missing from that conversation, was the admin saying “la la la i’m not listening”.

    So far, 10 merchants have come forward and outed Savemore for not paying. This is one of the many reasons that consumers are not receiving their products. We (the consumers) cannot expect a merchant to ship items when they’ve not been paid. I do not fault them at all. 

    I’d also like to point out that the products ordered from the companies owned by OMV, are not as described. GadgetGear is one of those places. I placed several orders before I was aware of what Savemore.com was doing. It took MONTHS to get my orders and when they  arrived, they were complete junk. I could have purchased better quality at the Dollar Tree. A fellow blogger friend has reported that a digital camera she ordered from them finally arrived, but everything was written in Chinese (box cover and instructions). 

    In addition to Savemore scamming the consumers and merchants, they’ve also scammed their affiliates. None of their affiliates have received their paychecks. I network with hundreds of other bloggers who have not so nice things to say about this company. A small portion of them are/were affiliates of Savemore.com and to date, have not received payment.

    What I don’t understand, is how they’re able to continuing scamming the public. With Doug Van Arsdale already having several strikes against him, how was he even able to put a business in his name? He keeps popping up with new ways to cheat and steal and somehow, gets away with it!

    The other thing I don’t understand, is how the employees of Savemore.com are able to sleep at night. It’s apparent that Doug Van Arsdale has no morals, but it’s looking like his employees are just as bad. How can you work for a company that you know is a scam? I don’t believe for a second that they were unaware. They’ve been getting the same complaints for several months now. At some point, you’d think a light bulb would go off and they’d say “why is this company instructing me to tell the shoppers that their order is set to ship, when i’ve already told them that for the past few months” – doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together. 

    Anywho, the point of me commenting is just to confirm what you’ve written above. It’s all true. I respect that you’ve taken a stand and done your part to warn consumers. Kudos to you for stepping up and laying it out!



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