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Looking for Good News Debt Relief Industry Stories


If you have a good news debt relief industry story that you’d like to share as a guest post, I’m looking to publish some.

I’m most interested in stories that talk about how a specific case study about how a consumer was helped or some new tool or technique that you’d like to share to help consumers in financial trouble.

Maybe you have an idea you’d like to submit for an open discussion on the site or talk about where you’d like to see the debt relief industry move in the future.

This is your chance to have a voice on the site about good news and opportunities you see in helping good people with bad debt.

If you’d like to share your article for publication the best way to get it to me is probably to use this form.

I can always use your help. If you have a tip or information you want to share, you can get it to me confidentially if you click here.