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Sorry if this is too long…
I became disabled due to medical condition. I am now drawing adequate private disability insurance after 6 months out of work. There have been many other factors, but I am 6 months behind on my mortgage. I have been trying to work with Chase, but they have been terrible. I get letters telling me how they want to help and to come to a local office (2 hours away). “just call and make an appointment”. I have left multiple messages,but never get a return call. I have called the “800” office and asked to speak with “my” caseworker, who is never available and they are constantly asking for more information or time. Most recently, my paper work to the “Chase Fulfillment Center” (HAMP application? 4506T etc.) has been sent to underwriting. The representative said that will take 2-3 weeks. I have not received a foreclosure letter. I have tried to give them my cell number to call countless times, but they insist on calling a different number that my children use and I don’t. Each time they say, they have it corrected. I raised hell with the last representative. She wouldn’t give me her whole name. a direct number, an address to write a complaint etc. I asked for a supervisor and was transferred to yet another voice mail. This gentlemen only used his first name, I left the correct phone number ONLY to call and never heard a word.

I AM able to make a payment for the original monthly amount, but don’t know how to address the arrears. I keep getting different opinions whether I should start making payments. I also contacted the Nationwide Law Center and submitted a HAMP application.

My research shows I am ineligible for HAMP as the original monthly payment is less than 31% and the mortgage started after 1/01/09. I have a FHA 30y @ 5.0%


1. Should I make a payment (seems like a silly question as I type it, but I’m told it make affect options of refinancing, eligibility etc.)?

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2. Is Nationwide Law Center Legitimate? They also mention an in-house 3.5% loan.

3 What is a reasonable legal fee for this type of help

4. Where can I find someone to deal with my problem?

5. How do I complain about Chase

Thank you so much


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