I want help to sort through all of it and don’t know where to turn. – Whitney

I am 32 mother of two and was just let go from my teaching position.

My question revolves around financial aid. I feel like I can’t find any information about how to handle my financial aid debt.

I want to find a credit counselor to help me consolidate my loans but am having no luck finding one that I trust or that can help me.

When I took the loans out I was young and totally unrestrained and now am paying for that. My problem is that I kept horrible records, I transferred schools and have lost track of who I borrowed from, how much I borrowed, etc… I know some of my loans are with Sallie Mae, but otherwise I don’t know.

I want help to sort through all of it and don’t know where to turn. I am thinking of going back to school for my Masters but am scared of the debt since I am so uneducated about my undergrad debt.

My question is who can I talk to find out about my debt? How do I consolidate? How do I get in control of this debt? It has been 3 years since I graduated and even when I was in school, my financial aid office was no help when I asked these same questions. So I don’t feel like I can turn to them. Any advice or help would be so greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!


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