How to Respond to Junk Debt Buyer. – Cherilyn

My husband and I have a large credit card debt. We stopped making payments in early 2010. He is a 63 year-old disabled veteran with a small monthly pension from the government. He is also receiving $435 in Social Security per month. I am a 55 year-old independent contractor. I make money on a per-job basis, and due to layoffs in the industry, the amount of work I have is drastically reduced. Most of the time, I make $100 – $200 per month. I have not had success in finding full time work.

We have a mortgage and two 20 year-old cars, no other assets. My husband just received a summons for Complaint for Money Due. It is from Ferrell & Seldin, out of Colorado. I think they are a junk debt buyer law firm. However, they state they are representing FIA Card Services.

My question is: How should we respond to the summons? We do not have a foreseeable way to pay our credit card debt, even small payments. We just have enough left over each month to try and buy groceries and gas. We have some state assistance with our electric and phone bill, and have been on food stamps. Do you advise sending a response to them and showing up in court? Thank you in advance for your advice.


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