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J Hass Group Wants Me to Retract a Complaint. – Margie

Consumer Complaint Submission
Written by Consumer

I had filed a complaint on your website for JHass Group, they saw it, say I should take it off because my figure I sent was off by a small amt. (few hundred). They said I could be in trouble for libel, but I don’t know how to remove it, can you help?


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  • They have alot of nerve threatening to sue people for telling experiences customers have had with their company.  Anyone can see the obvious by just reading all the complaints about the JHass group aka JDH & associates, JHG, American Debt settlement group, Fingo group etc.

    If they really intended on earning your business & the hard earned money you pay to them. why so many complaints & why do they keep changing their company name so often

    I will continue to share my bad experience with this company until I die.

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