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I am Joseph. I seek your good advice to know something about dubai credit card debt. I use to work in dubai from 2006-2008 and while this tenure I hold a credit card of a local bank and as the world knows in the financial crisis of dubai most of the indian and other countries expats lost their jobs or were forced to leave the country because of their unpaid debts and many more good reasons.

My story is quite the same, I could not pay back to bank my credit card bills which made me liable to bank of some 10,000 AED last 3 years back. Now since I have left that country and working in a private firm in Saudi Arabia. I have been receiving threat Emails from some collection company hired by bank that they have put legal case against me in india and there is a travel ban on me and if I travel any where specially in GCC coutries I will be caught.

Please let me know if there is any such law or interpol will be intervened for credit card collection. I am financially a poor guy working as clerk here and I can not pay back. After three years of surviving and trying to shape my life healthy this things are getting night mares to me.

Please help…

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