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What is “payment of intent” in regard to collecting a debt? – Jeri

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My husband passed away this month and he had a Sam’s Club account in his name that they are trying to collect on.

The collector said I could settle for 85% of the balance OR make a “payment of intent” but they don’t say how much that is. There is no estate as our only income was from social security. Can you explain to me what that term means and whether I should try to make some sort of payment to settle this debt? Thank you for your help.

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  • Hi Jeri,

    Is the account only in your husbands name? If the account is not in your name you may not have a legal liability for the account nor be required to continue payments. It may be as simple as sending in a copy of the death certificate as proof.

    Do you have an attorney you can speak with about this?

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