I asked a collection agency for proof that they own my debt? – Jane

In large amount of debt due to underemployment and then unemployment.

Used retirement to pay off one debt; still have 2 others; have paid very small amount on each to original creditor.

I missed one payment and the collection agency called. Bankruptcy is not an option since my house payment is very reasonable.

I asked a collection agency to provide me with proof they own the debt. They sent me copies dating back to 2008 of credit card statements.

Is this the only proof I need from them? I would like to deal with them but they want more a month than I can afford or a lump payment of 3/4 of original debt.

I recently found a job and hope this doesn’t interfere with the job. Do you have a suggestion on how to handle this? I want to pay my debt but cannot afford much a month.


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  1. the original creditors are att universal card (citibank) and chase each are owed 7000 and I send 25.00 each month client services is debt collector for citibank; no info given to them about new job.  haven’t spoke with them since getting job 2 weeks ago
    was told bankruptcy not an option unless my house is included since i have more equity than allowed

    • Thanks for the additional detail Jane. Your home equity exceeds your states exemption for chapter 7. Agreeing to a payment plan or settling the debt makes sense.
      A 75% settlement is high and should be worked down. What if the balance could be reduced to 2800.00? What can you do to raise the funds?
      If you enrolled in a debt management plan or a hardship plan with Citi and Chase directly, you would be looking at a payment of around 140.00 a month per account.

  2. Hi Jane,

    Bankruptcy does not necessarily mean your mortgage payment will change or that your mortgage will change at all.

    If you can answer the following questions in a comment reply you will get some helpful tips and feedback.

    Who are the original creditors on the 2 accounts remaining?
    What are the balances?
    What is the name of the debt collector you sent a dispute to and which account are they attempting to collect on?
    How long has it been since a payment was made on each account?
    What amount of money can you afford to pay toward these debts each month?
    Have you given any information to creditors or collectors about your new job?

    If you would like to verify whether the collector you are dealing with is a legitimate assignee or purchaser of your debt, you can start by calling the original creditor and verify with them who they placed the account with or sold it to.


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