Continuing to dispute old medical debt insurance was supposed to pay. – Leilani

Back in 2003 a family member had a sleep study and the clinic staff assured him it would be covered by our insurance.

They requested a second study and we once again were assured by billing staff that it would be covered. He stated that he would not have it unless it was covered.

When all was said and done the staff member was gone and we were being billed for several hundred dollars and it was eventually turned over to collections.

He disputed the charges with the collections firm to no avail so we have been paying $10/month since then. We receive no paperwork, no accounting, etc. so I called to find out about the account and was told it is more now than back in 2004 since it accrues interest.

At no time did anyone ever say there would be interest and I voiced again that the initial charges were disputed. How can we continue to dispute the initial charges and get out from under this?


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