Debt Remedy Solutions has new fee being debited from my acct. – Lesa

Unfortunately, I got involved with Debt Remedy Solutions in Boca Raton, Fl about 3 years ago. My original contract stated that ALL fees were paid upfront, out of the money I deposited into my checking account, and they debited a certain amount out each month.

Now, they have started debiting a monthly fee of $29.99 from my acct. I called to inquire what this fee was for and was told” This is a new requirement, for us to stay in business, as the government has imposed new laws regarding debt settlement companies” Is this legal???

Do I have any recourse?


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1 thought on “Debt Remedy Solutions has new fee being debited from my acct. – Lesa”

  1. That’s horrible. 

    It sounds like they may have unilaterally changed the agreement with their consumers and imposed a new fee. If so, that’s not right.

    Do you remember signing anything or agreeing to the change? If not, you should not be charged.

    What it sounds like they may not have told you is the new laws are to protect consumers from abusive advanced fees. 

    May I suggest you contact them again and ask them to remove the fee or provide supporting documentation that you agreed to it. Let me know what happens by commenting.


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