How can I cancel a Direct Buy membership? – Anita

Sometime in September of 2010 I saw an ad on TV about Direct Buy, and coincidentally I received an invitation to visit the “Wholesale” company at around the same time. The invite said they would show me how to save on a variety of purchases for home items, construction, etc.

I thought I would take a look since I wanted to help my elderly mother do much needed repairs to her home. I felt I could check the place and see if I could save some money for the material, so I took the hook and went to the “presentation” and “tour”.

One individual excersiced high pressure techniques to persuade me to buy the so called membership. He met me on a one on one basis, and explained that if I didn’t purchase the membership on that specific day I would not be allowed to return to the place.

I told him I wanted to discuss it with one of my brothers first but the salesman did not let go. After a fairly long, “upbeat” meeting (the guy had a very happy disposition), I walked out of the place with a paper bearing my signature. On the one hand I was excited about what I though this would mean.

A few days later however I called to find out more about purchases, and “deliveries”. I learned that if I were to buy something through them at a “savings”, the cost for shipping and delivering far surpassed the “savings” they mentioned.

So I tried cancelling the membership. They told me that I could not. They said I signed a contract with “irreversible” effect (or something like that). So I have been struggling ever since to comply with the payments.

I have NEVER used the so called membership as I learned the hard way that in reality there are no savings involved. Plus you have to pay in full for whatever you may buy. I have been a little late in payments a few times and had to pay late fees, but in trying to keep my record clean I oftentimes have to borrow money to make the payments.

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In this harsh economy I have suffered pay cuts and increases in other bills. Right now I have been unable to pay, and I have gotten two nasty calls from Beta Finance, the finance company Direct Buy sent my account to. I learned from them thay they charge a whooping 17.75% interest and I still have around $2,000 to pay. Can you please tell me if there’s anyway I can get out of this nightmare?

I wish I could cancel the stupid membership I have never, and will never use, and it would be wonderful if I could recover all the money I’ve paid them so far. Thak you very much for your attention.


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  1. I’m dealing with the same thing. My wife and I got dooped and we know it. Problem is, we’ve been paying it for so long that we questioned if it was worth it to cancel and lose all the money we already invented in it. We want to cancel, but also want some refund since this is a service we’ve never used. We have only a year left, but then we would have to pay additional money just to keep our membership. The whole thing is a scam. We were promised things what we never received (free vacation and $100 card). All we got was a crappy coupon book to places we don’t eat. We even got the travel package which prices compare to any other free travel site like Expedia, Travelocity, etc. Complete waste of time and money. I need help getting out of this and getting some sort of refund.

  2. WE are in the same position. The more I look at products the less I can find the savings. They are misleading and it’s not fair or right. We should have some kind of cunsumer protection for our stupidity for falling for this.

  3. On my contract, under cancellation, it displays a line that states you may cancel within 3 business days of the above date, where the above date is not filled in.  There is nothing that states within 3 days of membership purchase.  I am going to try to use this as leverage to cancel my contract.  Perhaps your policy states the same, and the associate forgot to complete this as well.  Good luck

  4. I am having the exact same issue! We have contacted direct buy also and no one will return our phone calls or emails! They are terrible. We are at a point where we can’t pay it anymore  and we have not bought anything! We have not even attended their “orientation” for new members. This just seems wrong! 


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