How can I cancel a Direct Buy membership? – Anita

Sometime in September of 2010 I saw an ad on TV about Direct Buy, and coincidentally I received an invitation to visit the “Wholesale” company at around the same time. The invite said they would show me how to save on a variety of purchases for home items, construction, etc.

I thought I would take a look since I wanted to help my elderly mother do much needed repairs to her home. I felt I could check the place and see if I could save some money for the material, so I took the hook and went to the “presentation” and “tour”.

One individual excersiced high pressure techniques to persuade me to buy the so called membership. He met me on a one on one basis, and explained that if I didn’t purchase the membership on that specific day I would not be allowed to return to the place.

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I told him I wanted to discuss it with one of my brothers first but the salesman did not let go. After a fairly long, “upbeat” meeting (the guy had a very happy disposition), I walked out of the place with a paper bearing my signature. On the one hand I was excited about what I though this would mean.

A few days later however I called to find out more about purchases, and “deliveries”. I learned that if I were to buy something through them at a “savings”, the cost for shipping and delivering far surpassed the “savings” they mentioned.

So I tried cancelling the membership. They told me that I could not. They said I signed a contract with “irreversible” effect (or something like that). So I have been struggling ever since to comply with the payments.

I have NEVER used the so called membership as I learned the hard way that in reality there are no savings involved. Plus you have to pay in full for whatever you may buy. I have been a little late in payments a few times and had to pay late fees, but in trying to keep my record clean I oftentimes have to borrow money to make the payments.

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In this harsh economy I have suffered pay cuts and increases in other bills. Right now I have been unable to pay, and I have gotten two nasty calls from Beta Finance, the finance company Direct Buy sent my account to. I learned from them thay they charge a whooping 17.75% interest and I still have around $2,000 to pay. Can you please tell me if there’s anyway I can get out of this nightmare?

I wish I could cancel the stupid membership I have never, and will never use, and it would be wonderful if I could recover all the money I’ve paid them so far. Thak you very much for your attention.


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