Recent college graduate with public service job needs to eliminate debt. – Rosy

Hi Get Out of Debt Associate,

My name is Rosy, and I am in debt. I finished school in May and I have a lot of credit card debt, along with school loans debt.

With the school loans, I don’t feel too bad because I don’t have to pay for it until a couple of months, however, my credit cards (5 cards) have gotten ridiculous ( $15,000). I would pay it but then charge it even more the next month.

I have an okay public job but I have too much expenses such as rent, gas, car payment, food, and utilities. I talked with a couple of people and they say to just consolidate and cut up my credit cards. 1) no one wants to consolidate for me 2) without my credit card, I’m not sure if I will have enough for my other stuff. I need my car, gas, and insurance for work and I can’t be late on my rent.

I was able to get another side job, an additional $350 (after taxes) a month to pay for food and utilities, but I’m not sure if I can do more hours. I commute for both jobs.

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I’m a bit more panicked because in 2 months, my school loans kick in! That’s additional debt that I don’t have money for. I feel as if I’ve been floating by with debt but at least I was floating.

I’m not behind in my payments but my debt is just staying there and in some months it increases a bit. The school loans is definitely going to make me more in debt. I’m probably going to be sinking when they kick in.

Last week, I cut all but one of my credit card in hopes to get me from stop charging more also. I left one chase card for emergency.

What makes me more panicked is that our president reminded us that they’ll be voting whether or not the college can afford summer school. If there is no summer school, I will be without for two months this June and July. I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll have summer school.

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I know my situation is not as bad as others, but I’m not sure I can deal with the little stuff that has been adding up. Any insights, suggestions and or tips would be welcomed! I tried reading a book on personal accounting but it’s not sticking to me.

Thank you for time,


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