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I have two credit card debits and contacted vortex debt group. – Thomas

Since 2008 I have had these two credit card debits one is 3000 and the other is 5000 and back then I contacted vortex debt group because I had seen a commercial about debt consolidation, in the past I have never searched them on google I always believed the were trustworthy and in 2010 zwicker took up one of my other credit card debits and I have been paying them 100 dollars a month I had to they took me to court and I settled with a 100 dollar a month payment plan and with vortex I was paying them when I can not regularly and today I get a call from Calvary Portfolio Services and they say I owe 7000 they say that even though those cards had been closed they still accrued insterest , well I thought Calvary was like any other debt collection agency even though they told me they bought my debt unitl I googled there name and saw all the complaints well then I googled Vortex debt group and saw that I may be getting scammed by them too but I don’t know if i am or not. Today when I called zwicker and assoc thinking that the debt they had now belong to zwicker and assoc they tell me because I haven’t made a payment since july that they are going to pursue action against me but I was able to get the guy to hold off on it until friday if I pay for the months I hadn’t payed which came to 600 dollars and then pay 100 a month after that and never miss a month.

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