Don’t Spit In That Cop’s Burger – MA State Trooper Arrested For Extortion

Yesterday Massachusetts State Trooper, John Analetto, was charged with extortion and loansharking relating charges including the collection of extension of credit by extortionate means.

The complaint alleges that between Oct. 2011 to present, Analetto loaned money to a cooperating witness (“CW”) after learning of the CW’s outstanding debts to loansharks, in exchange for a percentage of the CW’s gambling business.

According to the complaint, Analetto loaned the CW a total of $24,000 for these purposes. Analetto allegedly established the repayment terms as $500 principal return per week, plus interest return on the CW’s gambling profits. Irrespective of the time required to pay off the loans, Analetto demanded a percentage of the CW’s gambling business profits for the duration of the CW’s life.

It is alleged that in making the initial loan to the CW, Analetto threatened to kill the CW if he/she did anything to affect Analetto’s pension.

In addition, Analetto allegedly agreed to bring bettors to the CW’s business, and in exchanged demanded a higher percentage from the CW. The complaint alleges that Analetto brought five bettors to the CW.

On December 23, 2011, Analetto met with the CW and allegedly accepted $1,500 in exchange for loan amounts due and gambling profits owed to Analetto. According to the complaint, during the meeting, which was memorialized on a concealed film and audio recording device, Analetto threatened to kill the CW after becoming angry about the monies still owed by the CW.

According to the complaint, on December 26, 2011 the CW and Analetto spoke by phone regarding monies owed to the CW. In discussing a particular bettor who owed the CW money, Analetto allegedly made statements that he would break into the bettor’s home and physical harm the bettor and sexually assault the bettor’s mother.

During that same conversation, it is alleged that Analetto also threatened to kill the CW by breaking into the CW’s home at night and kill the CW while he/she was sleeping and that there would be no witnesses.

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The complaint further alleges that on December 30, 2011, Analetto met with the CW at a pre-arranged location in Belmont so that the CW could provide $3,600 to Analetto. During that meeting Analetto allegedly became physical violent with the CW and threatened to harm bettors who owe the CW money.

Analetto was arrested on December 31, 2011 and remains in custody. If convicted on these charges, Analetto faces up to 20 years in prison, to be followed by three years of supervised release and a $250,000 fine – Source.

Oh, And for any of you still questioning the title of this piece – it’s a reference to the movie Super Troopers.

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