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Harrassment from Advance Me Today via Fax to My Work

I took out a payday loan from Advance Me Today. Granted, I got in over my head and could not repay on time. I want to set up payments but the customer “service” rep I spoke with became very belligerent.

I got frustrated and said, “I don’t think I’ll pay you AT ALL!” and hung up.

Next thing I know I get a FAX delivered to my desk from a coworker threatening my account will be turned over to their administrative and accounting department if I don’t respond in 24 hours.

I don’t care about that. I just care about them FAXING MY OFFICE!?? Since they are located in Costa Rica I doubt a Cease & Disist letter will help. Do I have any options beyond just paying the damned thing off? I don’t mind paying the principle, it’s just the fees that get me.

Please advise. Thank you!


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  • u r a bum

    you borrowed the money, pay the lender. Think of how upset you’d be if you loaned money to a friend or co-worker, they spent it, and then told you they we’re paying you back. You stole money – plain and simple. Deadbeats like you who do not repay loans have caused enough trouble for our country. Pay your debt.

    • Oncebitten

       blah blah blah, dead beats… pay your debts…. blah blah blah….

      Tell that to the state of Illinois and many other counties cities and states. The US cannot afford its bills and long term obligations with the FED. Tell it to several sovereign nations.

      Top down – the system is set up so not everyone gets to pay their bills.

      Get Over It

    • Steve Rhode

      Interesting perspective. If creditors didn’t expect a percentage of people from being able to meet their obligations for reasons out of their control then why do they factor a percentage of loss into the loan pricing?

  • Tommie Slade

    Thanks Fitz for that answer. I am going through a similar thing with another cash advance company minus the telling them off part though. I appreciate it.

  • Fitz

    Hi Jo,

    I want to preface this by strongly suggesting you talk to a competent lawyer in your state about this matter. I would not worry too much about this being a Costa Rica company unless you go after THEM, the concern being they may not be around to actually collect a check once you have a successful case against them. Also, being in Costa Rica, it may be difficult for them to pursue you on the debt. Your state’s (and Federal) consumer protection laws are there to protect you and they are subject to them, even in Costa Rica, if they are doing business in your state, which apparently they are. Many state laws are patterned after the FDCPA which mandates that collectors cease communicating with you at work, ONCE YOU TELL THEM you can not receive such communications at work. So yes, send them a letter demanding that they do not communicate with you at work (or anywhere else for that matter). I suggest you send it certified so you have proof they received it. By all means complain to state authorities. They may or may not be licensed in your state and either way it will assist you. Its a safe bet that you are not the only one having a problem with them and the more complaints to state authorities the better chance action will be taken.

    Many of these companies rely on fear and intimidation to get you to pay them. I know its easy to say, but simply do not be afraid or intimidated. They are not going to be able to force you to give them money until they actually sue you, and even then you can contest it. Remember, you have the power in this situation as they want something from you. All that being said, make sure they are not able to surreptitiously access your accounts. Many of these pay day loan outfits play alot of games and they are literally one step ahead of the law. Close your accounts if necessary because once the money is gone, it will be difficult to get back. And don’t trust that you have instructed your bank to no longer honor them as a payee as I have seen them modify the name just slightly and get money. 

    So again, talk to a lawyer, see what this creditor can AND CANNOT do, assert your rights, protect your money, and do not give them any money without a writing that clearly states what you are going to pay and when. Play hardball with them as they will significantly discount what you owe once they understand that you know your rights, will assert your rights, and they have no other way to get paid. Good luck.

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