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Buy here lot wants to repossess my vehicle but they want me to bring it back to the state. – Tim

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I purchased a vehicle from a buy here pay here company when i was living in georgia. i moved back home to my home state back in may. since then i have hit a financial downfall.

im not disputing that i owe them money or anything. to make a long story short it is now up for repossession, they do not want to come all the way to the state of kentucky to pick it up and are informing me that they are taking legal action against me and that i will need to come back to georgia either with the car or for court. now my question is, can they legally force ne to bring them the car and also, can they take legal action against me without first trying to repo the vehicle first.

i have been talking to a gentleman named chris who is the owner operator of the recovery agency. i was thinking any legal action taken would be met with a change of venue given i dont live in georgia anymore. any help?


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  • I don’t see why they wouldnt hire a local recovery person to come get it from you. They just don’t want to incure the expense to ship it back.

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