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I can’t pay all the medical debt I have. Help. – Tracy

Pretty much the only things on my credit is Medical Debt.

My score is very low because of this. I cant possibly pay for all the medical debt I have. I went without health insurance for awhile so there is debt from that when I had to go to the hospital for different problems.

Also when I had health insurance, there was a surgery I had that was approved before I had the surgery to be covered and then after I had it they decided not to cover it and said it was pre existing condition.

That is like a 15,000 fee alone. Is there anything I can do about this debt. Should it come off of my credit after 7 years because the surgery one I described is from the year 2001 and its still there.

I just dont know how to make my credit better with all this medical debt other than filing bankruptcy and I am married so I dont think that is an option.

My husbands credit is in decent shape, not the highest score but still decent. I just worry if something should happen to him that I have no credit resources. Please help.


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    It’s no surprise that medical debt is a leading cause of bankruptcy. Just because you are married that does not mean you can’t file bankruptcy alone for debts under your name. Please talk to a local bankruptcy attorney before making any assumptions.

    If you’d like to explore all your options to deal with this then use the free How to Get Out of Debt Calculator to review your options.

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