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How can I go about raising my credit score?

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My credit score 561 at this time.I would like to buy home before 12/12.

I have paid off debt except two.

One debt was a used car place where I returned the car in about two months due to problems in 2007.

I have disputed the amount because of the situation with the vehicle-What options due I have in this situation.

I also have an judgemnt in 2007 paid it off in 2007 but it was not updated to my credit report until 8/11 and now reads satisfied.

Do I have grounds to dispute this since it was satisfied in 2007 and not 2011, they fell to report to the credit bureau at that time.Last but not least I have a secured credit card with orchard bank where they didn’t require me to deposit money I guess because of my credit,I havent really seen any increase with my credit score with this card.Do I need to get the one where I have to deposit money?

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