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College debt- how to consolidate- who can I go to?

I recently graduated from nursing school. I live in Boston, and the market for new graduate nurses is tough. I’ve been looking since August and not so much as an interview. I have about 950$/ month in student loans. I am ~111,000$ in debt. some of my loans have interest rates as high as 9%! I have private, and stafford loans. I also have a 200$ car payment. No credit card debt though :). At this point I think I should consolidate- to try and lower my interest rates? Im wondering who I can contact to look through my loans and help me figure out what I can do. I keep hearing about this obama plan to reduce interest rates. Can I ask my loan companies for a forbearance until I find a job? Who can I contact to help me with this? Do you know of a easy to follow resource for how to consolidate? Thank You.

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